Letter from the Founder

The Quercus Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people living in extreme poverty. With a focus on health, education and infrastructure, we identify and invest in projects that make the most significant improvement to children’s lives in the long term.

Inspired by professional and personal mentors and a long-held desire to invest my business skills in philanthropic ventures, I established the Quercus Foundation in 2015. I wanted to help children and young people struggling in deprived conditions, without a viable social support system, to build their own future.

Though still in its relative infancy, the Foundation is already making a difference. We aim to establish an international portfolio of rigorously monitored and measured projects, which invest donor funds in the most effective way possible. We intend to grow long-lasting meaningful partnerships that allow us to achieve positive and sustainable results for children.

We hope that you will join the Quercus Family as we embark on our journey to ensure life-long change for disadvantaged children and help those most in need.


Diego Biasi
Founder of the Quercus Foundation